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The flooring as the screed is

Alignment of floors on a coupler-an essential stage of work on laying of a floor covering which to pass which it is not recommended if there is a wish to receive good result. Alignment of the concrete floor screed is necessary to eliminate irregularities, cracks, as well as eliminate the slope and elevation of the plates. Depending on the features of the object and the goals, the alignment of the concrete floor can be carried out in several ways:

Leveling the floor dry screed is usually applied on the objects of the secondary housing, when removed the old floor and gets new flooring.

Leveling the floor with a cement screed is the most traditional method, but it will be possible to continue the work on laying the floor covering only after 30 days.

Leveling floor self-leveling floor with a beacon profile-perfect in cases where the height differences of the floor slabs are from 1 to 4 cm.If the differences are very small and range from 2 to 5 mm, it is advisable to use a self-leveling floor.

At the beginning of the repair, the main problem that we often face is an uneven floor. No matter how we decided to make it: to put laminate, parquet or something else undoubtedly, it is necessary to prepare a flat base. So you can use for this purpose imported material – liquid for self-leveling (evenly spread on the floor and distributed, filling the cracks, potholes and other irregularities). But this pleasure is very expensive, so it is easier to use the traditional and all available way – laying on the basis of cement. To do this, make a screed of liquid cement mixing, leveling our surface.

First of all, sweep the floor and remove any debris. Now rinse the floor with warm water for better cleaning. Prepare a solution of cement for our screed in the likeness of mixing concrete (the so-called "dough" consistency should be like sour cream). Then take a wide brush and apply our batch on a small area (about 1-2 sq. m.) on top of the lay two strips of screed width of 10 cm, and each of them – rails length of 1-2 m. the Rails must be placed at floor level, check the accuracy level.

Now check the consistency of the solution, if necessary, you can add water. Shovel lay the screed on the covered "test" part of the floor and level. On the surface of the slats hold the "rule" that would razravnyat floor. As soon as the surface is aligned remove the rail from the screed that was near the wall and the gap is filled with a solution bringing to the desired level. The surface of the screed is smoothed trowel, circular movements.

Then follow the above procedure and do the same sequence with the next square of the screed.

The finished screed is left for 12 hours to harden. In the subsequent within 2-3 days sprinkle it with water (the surface of our floor all this time should remain wet ). A day on the floor you can go.
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