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The laying of the polymeric floors

Laying polymer floors is an impressive sight, the witnesses of which create a full sense of presence in the creation of a miracle. It would certainly describe the styling polymer flooring people far from the building, however, is not alien to the poetic gift. But the members of the team" SNEP-Stroy", for a dozen years successfully passed an incredible number of objects, agree: against the background of other flooring polymer floors — just a song. And this is not an empty metaphor, because among them there are those that are called — self-leveling floors.

The whole process of laying self-leveling floors, as you might guess, is to pour the polymer composition on the rough floor and gently smooth. That's all a miracle, however, the miracle to be scheduled. To focus was a success, laying polymer floors in Moscow and the Moscow region, our experts are made to clear quality standards that relate to all stages of work. For example, there are absolutely strict requirements for the characteristics of the concrete base, where it is planned to lay industrial floors. Here not feel a trifle neither one physical record: neither the compressive strength and the tensile strength nor a relative humidity not to mention temperature. Note that all these restrictions, measured in degrees, percentages or millimeters, refer to the state of only the concrete base. But any master who is engaged in the device of self-leveling floors in Moscow and the Moscow region, will confirm that any irregularity or lack of waterproofing layer can affect the operational life of the polymer flooring in the worst way.

The main stage of laying the polymer floor, although it is more creative, nevertheless, provides an algorithm of actions that is not subject to discussion, but leading to a specific positive result. Where there is a proven technology for years, there is no place for lyrical digressions. Therefore, to talk about the device of the polymer floor, we will, and then appealing to the construction terms.

Laying polymer floors traditionally consists of two large stages: the preparation of the base under the self-leveling floor and the application of the base layer. Depending on the purpose of the future coating, the type of floors: paint thin coating, high — filled filler coating, anti-slip filler coating or water-epoxy filler floor-can vary significantly and the amount of work. Often, the device self-leveling polymeric floors in Moscow and Moscow region, our team have to perform the following steps: double-layer coating, the application of the preparatory layer with a filling of quartz sand and cleaned of excess sand. When developing the project, of course, take into account the state of the base for the polymer coating. To bring it in line with the minimum requirements sometimes takes a lot of time and effort, which, however, are worth it. No wonder the specialists of the company "SNEP-Stroy" engaged in laying polymer floors in Moscow and the Moscow region, they say that to pay due attention to this time-consuming stage of work is like planning a success.

The main purpose of the preparation of the concrete base is to provide a high level of adhesion between the concrete and the polymer composition. On the surface of the concrete base cracks, chips, as well as traces of dirt, oils, chemicals, paints, wax and even a drop of water are strictly not allowed. All this makes the clutch unreliable. No professional, of course, will not lay polymer floors on a new concrete base, poured less than a month ago. This is due not only to the high humidity of the surface, but also the fact that on the 29 day there are natural cracks, which is not difficult to eliminate. Cleanliness is not only a guarantee of health, but also a necessary condition for laying polymer floors. Grinding of concrete by mosaic-grinding machines is carried out in order to remove the top contaminated or damaged layer of concrete, which prevents high-quality adhesion to polymeric materials. Priming of concrete, invariably following the grinding, is designed to simultaneously solve several problems: hardening of concrete, dedusting of concrete and improvement of adhesive properties.

When the concrete coating is ready, the application of a polymer compound based on epoxy resin, hardener and quartz sand begins. Concrete leveling can take place in several stages, with technological breaks of 24 hours for curing the layer. And perhaps the most spectacular and delightful process in the device of polymer floors in Moscow and Moscow region recognize the application of the finish layer. The action, when the polymer composition is poured on a completely smooth surface, is fascinating. An outside viewer, but not a master in the field of laying self-leveling floors. He knows that the time for proper distribution of the polymer mixture with a spatula, a squeegee and a trowel, as well as rolling the surface with a needle roller, is strictly limited. At the request of the customer, the final stage in laying the polymer coating is the surface decoration of the so — called "chips" - particles of acrylic paint. And after a day after the completion of the work You get to use a piece of frozen miracle, proof of which are the wonderful properties of polymer floors.
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