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Topping is a dry hardening mixture based on Portland cement, designed to strengthen the top layer of concrete coating and protect it from abrasion. Topping floors in Moscow and the Moscow region is used by specialists of the company "SNEP-Stroy" at each site, where there are increased requirements for the level of strength and durability of the floor covering. Topping floors provides concrete base increased resistance to abrasive and shock loads.

The technology of hardening the floor at the stage of concreting is simple and does not require much time, but the result of topping is impressive changes in the decorative and operational properties of the concrete coating. The composition of topping materials has a direct impact on the technical characteristics of the floor covering. For example, if physical activity and exposure to chemical compounds can be neglected, it is enough to apply topping containing corundum or quartz materials. In the event that a high load on the concrete floor is assumed, a topping with stainless metal fillers is used.

The wear resistance of the concrete surface with a hardened top layer is increased by more than 5 times in comparison with concrete without topping. However, the topping not only copes with utilitarian functions (hardening of the concrete, protection of concrete against cracks and moisture), but also aesthetic objectives. Adding topping can determine the color scheme. As well as the structure and texture of the surface: mirror, grainy, smooth, etc.the effect of mirror gloss is achieved by grout and repeated smoothing with the help of grout technique.

The scope of application of concrete floors with reinforced top layer by topping is extremely wide:

production hall;
industrial and warehouse premises;
shopping and entertainment centers;
Parking lots, Parking lots, garages;
car showrooms and service stations;
refrigerating chamber;
medical institution;
cargo platform;
residential and public buildings;
objects subjected to high mechanical loads and sparing chemical effects.

Topping is a ready-to-use dry mix designed to harden concrete floors. A significant increase in wear resistance is achieved due to a certain proportion of cement, dye fillers and mineral pigments. Concrete floors, reinforced topping, in Moscow and the Moscow region can be found everywhere: at any object with high traffic and/or pedestrian load.

The device of concrete floors with topping in Moscow and Moscow region has become a universal tool for solving many industrial and commercial problems. The exception is objects subjected to aggressive chemical effects and do not allow even a slight dust formation: for example, medical and chemical laboratories, Assembly shops of high-tech electronics.

Depending on the purpose of the arranged floors, as well as the nature and intensity of the impact on the coating, the masters of the company "SNEP-Stroy" use different types of topping:

topping with quartz filler with an average operational load;
topping with quartz filler with an average operational load;
topping on metal filler - under extreme operating loads.

The list of useful properties transferred to the concrete floor by topping is impressive:

increased resistance to abrasive and shock loads;
unsophisticated, antistatic (meets fire safety requirements);
dedusting of concrete;
oil and gas resistance;
decorative, modern design;
protection of concrete cracking and moisture penetration;
durability, practicality. The average service life is 10-15 years;
hygienic, easy to clean and maintain.

The technology of concrete floors with a hardened top layer involves several stages:

1. Spreading and rubbing of topping over the entire surface of freshly laid concrete by means of a concrete finishing machine. Between the moment of topping and the moment of completion of laying the floor should take at least 3 hours. Topping to strengthen the concrete screed is applied at the rate of two to three of the required volume of the mixture.
2. The first rough grout is carried out after darkening the surface, which means that the topping has absorbed moisture from the concrete.
3. The second introduction of topping. At this stage, the mixture is impregnated with "cement milk" until complete evaporation of moisture.
4. The second grout topping.
5. Multiple smoothing topping is made on the partly cured surface with a trowel blade knives. Is made before the formation of a mirror finish.
6. Application of special protective impregnation.
7. Cutting of temperature-shrinkage and deformation joints and filling of joints with sealant in order to prevent the formation of shrinkage cracks.

In work on the device of floors with the strengthened top layer our experts use toppings of the leading Russian and world producers — dry strengthening mixes of the highest quality. The service of pouring concrete floors with topping in Moscow and the Moscow region can be ordered by phone or in our office.

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