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Concrete grinding

Concrete grinding
Finishing sanding of concrete with small diamond grain cutters
(Applied on well-aligned bases, or after rough sanding)
from $ 1.6/m2
Rough sanding of concrete with large diamond grain cutters
(Used when sanding high grade concrete or poorly leveled concrete)
from $ 2/m2
Polishing concrete with abrasive stones
(After grinding with cutters, it is possible to use several grain fractions to direct gloss)
from $ 1.5/m2
High grade concrete sanding (Above M-350, B-25) from $ 2.8/m2
Concrete tile sanding from $ 9/m2
Concrete floor leveling with sanding from $ 7/m2
vacuum cleaning the base after sanding from 55 cents/m2

*The basis of the calculation, adopted an area of 1000 m2
The exact cost You can find out from our specialists by phone.: 8 (495) 778-36-62; 8 (915) 256-18-10

Grinding of concrete is a preparatory stage in the process of installation of industrial and self-leveling floors. According to experts of the Step-Stroy company who have a wide experience of grinding of concrete in Moscow and the Moscow region, it is impossible to overestimate importance of this technological operation. And if the layman may seem that the grinding of concrete is made in order to eliminate irregularities, in fact, this stage carries a much more significant functional load. Moreover, the need for this operation arises as the device of new concrete floors, and the restoration of the old concrete pavement.

In the first case, this is due to the process of natural stratification of the concrete mixture: when the laying of concrete is finished on the surface remains a layer with extremely high strength and excellent ability to spray. This cement milk, rapidly collapsing under the influence of the environment. To prevent this from happening arbitrarily, the grinding machine removes the top layer, getting to a more durable layer in the structure of the concrete flooring, on which it is already possible to put a polymer coating without interference.

When working with old concrete floors there is no less need to remove the top layer, this time, because of the dust and dirt accumulated in it. In addition, over time, especially in severe operating conditions, under heavy mechanical loads or exposure to chemicals, the expansion of pores in the concrete occurs, resulting in chips, cracks and penetration of aggressive components. Of course, any kind of damage to the concrete base adversely affect the quality of self-leveling floors. Grinding concrete with a success allows you to solve these problems.

Grinding concrete in Moscow and the Moscow region has long been an integral part of the everyday work of the masters of our company. However, among them you will not find a dismissive attitude to this stage. After all, a well-polished concrete coating is one of the secrets of durability and aesthetics of polymer floors — the result, which is ultimately appreciated by the customer.

More and more often grinding of concrete in Moscow and the Moscow region precedes not polishing of a concrete floor, and installation of a polymeric covering for the device of industrial, bulk, epoxy floors. Despite the fact that concrete is only the base, modern technologies of thin-layer polymer floors impose strict requirements on the surface of concrete. Clean, smooth, smooth-so it becomes at the end of the grinding process of concrete. The main task of this stage is to open a layer of concrete, which has a phenomenal ability to adhere to various polymeric materials, which is necessary for the successful construction of floors.

Experts distinguish between wet and dry grinding of concrete. The wet method is preferable when working with a mosaic surface. However, until the floor is completely dry, further treatment is not possible, otherwise the water will remain in the base. On the other hand, the finish coating can be applied immediately after the completion of dry grinding, which is performed by a diamond segment grinding machine. In addition, dry grinding of concrete is considered to be more effective due to the maximum friction of the surfaces.

The team of "SNEP-Stroy", which knows firsthand what is behind the professional term grinding concrete floors in Moscow and the Moscow region, has long developed a clear algorithm of actions at the facility. As a rule, the processing of a new concrete coating is carried out in two stages. Upon completion of work with the concrete screed, it is necessary to wait 4-5 days, when it will be possible to start preliminary grinding of concrete. Final grinding is recommended only after 28-30 days from the date of pouring concrete. Only mosaic-grinding machines with powerful engines under the control of experienced specialists can provide a thorough treatment of concrete coating. Industrial vacuum cleaner helps to remove dust from the surface.

As we can see, the operation of grinding concrete pavement is quite energy-consuming and requires a lot of time. Being the most important stage, along with the stage of application of the finish coating, grinding of concrete deserves from our specialists no less attention and effort than the final stage of work on the project. Moreover, depending on the purpose and the nature of further surface treatment (varnishing, painting, polymer floors), our technologies and equipment allow you to continue to work on grinding to obtain a perfect polished surface of concrete. This is almost ready floors for garage, warehouse, Parking.

However, the modern customer rarely stops on the device of simple concrete floors. But few people think about the fact that industrial polymer floors and decorative self-leveling floors, designed to amaze the imagination of the customer wear resistance and beauty, respectively, owe their remarkable properties of concrete, and most importantly, the quality of its grinding. And this quality will be invariably high when each competently carried out stage, including grinding of concrete in Moscow and the Moscow region, brings our team closer to the successful completion of another ambitious project.

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