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The color shown corresponds to the color taken from the printed RAL catalogue, the real color of the RAL 6027 can be very different from the one shown here. This is due to the fact that each monitor has its own brightness, contrast and color settings. Also, the perception of color depends on the lighting conditions.

The classic collection of flowers from the well - known catalog RAL classic - RAL 6027 looks as shown on this page. We have specially made the image of RAL 6027 color more, so that you can more conveniently view the sample. In addition, you can choose or compare a similar color from other color standards and palettes by clicking on the "compare" or add "bookmark" to your favorite color remained in the memory of the site, and you can easily find it even on another day.

This color cannot be used for color matching and is provided for informational purposes only for approximate color matching.

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