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Lndustrial floor

Lndustrial floors — in Moscow and the Moscow region, in parkings and on sports objects, in warehouses and in production shops, in medical institutions and at the military enterprises, on meat — processing plants and in hangars-industrial polymeric floors are the best solution for installation of a qualitative floor covering in a production room today. For more than ten years of experience of the device of polymeric floors specialists of the SNEP-Stroy company gained respect from clients with the most various requirements representing different branches: from small Commerce to large-scale productions.

Strong and sturdy concrete floors, seamless, suggesting the possibility of decorative design, self-leveling floors, painting floors, smooth and fast in the device high-filled floors, especially reliable hardened floors, moisture-resistant epoxy floors-a variety of industrial coatings are created for different purposes, depending on the specifics of the organization. Industrial floors are remarkable breadth of its application, no matter what tasks the room served. And the results of our many years of work are irrefutable proof of this simple fact. Laying of industrial self-leveling floors is our profile.

Indeed, it is difficult to overestimate the performance characteristics of industrial floors, which, even under heavy physical loads and frequent chemical exposure, allow polymer coatings to serve without any repair from 10 to 20 years. That is why today not only concrete, but also self-leveling industrial floors in Moscow and the Moscow region, however, as in the whole civilized world, have moved from the category of luxury in the production need. Trade center and brewery, bakery and space center, chemical laboratory and defense enterprise — wherever the floor covering has high requirements for resistance to physical, chemical and mechanical influences, the company "SNEP-Stroy" strongly recommends to produce the device of industrial floor.

Industrial floors Moscow-with this unethical phrase, typed in the search engine, began our relationship with many customers, but the most important finale for us has always been a visible improvement in the conditions of professional work in the enterprise of the client: the lack of dust, ease of cleaning, environmental friendliness, high wear resistance, aesthetics.

Where appropriate, the device of industrial floors? In today's dynamic world, it is easier to determine the area where it would be superfluous. Of course, industrial floors are not designed for residential use, as the name implies. But where there is a high degree of chemical exposure to aggressive environments, where there is a large cross-country or traffic does not stop, where there is a constant vibration from the equipment, industrial floors are simply irreplaceable, and in each case it can be a special kind of floor, for example, concrete industrial floors or polymer self-leveling floors.

The words industrial floors Moscow Moscow region hidden not so much the companies involved in their device, many varieties of flooring designed for commercial premises. There is no single universal solution for the construction of industrial floors, as industrial premises can perform completely different tasks. And quality flooring - it's just an element of a well-established system that works on the result. Accordingly, the functionality and appearance of industrial floors is determined individually, based on the characteristics of the private company or state enterprise.

The type of floor covering and the technology of the device of industrial floors is defined on set of many factors:

the intensity of mechanical loads (installation or movement of heavy machinery, as well as machines, loaders, electric cars);
intensity of chemical action (spills of acids, oils and alkalis);
the humidity of the room;
temperature drop frequency;
exposure to low and high temperatures (ovens and refrigerators);
hygiene requirements (relevant for laboratories and food production);
aesthetics (the client has the right to choose not only matte or glossy surface, but if necessary, to decorate self-leveling floors in a corporate style).

Of course, our customers never remain with the question of determining the right type of industrial floor one on one. Our experts make the decision together with the customer on the basis of the analysis of the listed factors in a complex concerning concrete object. For example, if you have a confectionery factory, it is unlikely that you will need an industrial floor covering that can withstand temperature fluctuations from - 40?C to + 1200?C, but the high level of hygiene, which will provide easy to clean industrial floors, can be the main criterion for the choice of material.

If you want to order floors for industrial buildings in Moscow and Moscow region, please leave a request to our operator. And very soon You will be able to admire technically perfect flooring, sent under your feet.
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