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Floors for garage, warehouse, parking, service

Floors for garage, warehouse, Parking, service are a modern polyurethane coating designed to solve specific technical problems. The device of self-leveling and industrial floors of high level is our profile, so very often an exclusive project is developed for a new facility. However, there are specific requirements for each type of room. So, the requirements for the coatings for Parking, garage, car service, of course, dictated by the operating conditions of the floors in large areas of this type.

Floors for a warehouse, Parking, service in Moscow and the Moscow region which are put by masters of the SNEP-Stroy company, distinguishes:

resistance to high mechanical loads (should take into account not only the intensity of the flow of cars, but also an additional abrasive load associated with the use of studded rubber in winter);
resistance to aggressive chemicals (salts, gasoline, engine oil and other automotive fluids);
water resistance (when it comes to car wash coating this requirement takes priority);
easy to clean (the floors in the warehouse, in the Parking lot, usually cleaned using special equipment);
the possibility of applying the necessary indelible markings (coating for Parking clearly demonstrates this advantage of polymer floors);
possibility to choose the type of floor surface (anti-slip floor, smooth, rough, Matt, etc.))

All of these characteristics are peculiar only to polymer coatings. The device of self-leveling polymer floors always begins with the preparation of the concrete base: alignment, dedusting of concrete. In that case, if there is no concrete base, the device is industrial concrete or polymer-cement floor. When the preparatory phase is completed, the specialists start to work on laying of a floor polymer coatings and impregnation for concrete substrate; coating layers; thin-layer, highly filled coating filled coating; methylmethacrylates.

How to choose the right floor for Parking or car service? In this article we will try to answer this difficult question, which, in fact, is a question of professional competence. Of course, we will focus on modern flooring that meets all the requirements of this type of premises, such as garage and Parking, car service and car wash.

Industrial polymer floors for Parking in Moscow and the Moscow region, filled with cars — a modern solution that allows you to forget about the repair or installation of a new floor covering for 10-15 years. Impermeability for liquids, fire safety, resistance to aggressive environments, crack resistance, hygienic coating, effective noise absorption — self-leveling floors for the garage, warehouse have a lot of phenomenal properties that ensure durability and comfort of operation of the premises. And given the short terms of the device of polymer coatings for garage, Parking, service-4 days without taking into account the preparation of the concrete base, in a metropolis self-leveling floors are ideal flooring.

Floors for storage space or Parking have one important feature, well-known to specialists in the device of self-leveling floors. Since different areas in the Parking lot of the shopping center, for example, are subject to mechanical loads of varying degrees, our masters can combine in one room several types of coatings that differ in thickness and composition, which allows to obtain excellent results throughout the life of the floor at a lower cost to the client. So:

entry and exit areas, ramps, turns-high load areas-cover with wear-resistant quartz-filled polyurethane or epoxy layer 2-10 mm. Coatings for industrial premises are not afraid of high humidity or strong water pressure;
fare zone, warehouse — plots of mean loads — enough to cover cartapanis polyurethane or epoxy floors 1-4,5 mm. Epoxy floors are able to withstand not only mechanical loads but also to the reagents;
area Parking lots and pedestrian crossings to areas of minimal loading — for economic reasons, be satisfied with a polyurethane paint coating. Have a decorative appearance.

In addition, the tight schedule of commissioning and the minimum requirements possible variant of the device concrete floors with reinforced top layer — topping. It is characterized as a durable, non-dusting coating suitable for Parking, warehouses, hangars.

It is difficult to come up with a more suitable floor covering for garages, Parking, car service than rigid-elastic, incredibly practical polyurethane self-leveling coatings with quartz sand. Industrial self-leveling floors create the necessary protection of the concrete base, providing the functionality of a small garage, a huge warehouse or outdoor Parking. Choosing the company "Snap-Story", first of all, You choose long-lasting results, guaranteed by the professionalism of our specialists and use only quality materials when constructing polymeric floors in Moscow and the Moscow region.
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