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Polymer floors

Polymer floors
Polymer floors in Moscow and the Moscow region — a real hit in recent years. Since the advent of this technology in the Russian market, nothing can stop the popularization of polymer floors in residential and industrial premises. The specialists of "Snap-Story" to explain such high interest self-leveling floors is very simple: phenomenal performance with a wide range of decorative solutions. If the floor is subjected to high abrasive loads, thermal and chemical effects, if you have custom requirements and appearance — we offer polymer flooring, knowing that this kind of coverage is able to solve any of these problems, if not all at once.

Specialists distinguish polymer floors by type of protective coating (thin-layer floors, self-leveling floors, high-filled floors) and the type of material (polyurethane floors, epoxy floors). The principal difference between one coating from another is the performance and technology of the floor.

Polymer self-leveling floors, preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt on the surface, can embody any imagination of the customer, becoming not only practical, but also an original interior solution in the apartment and office. The long-term magic result is achieved due to the unique multi-layer construction of the polymer coating. Sometimes the number of materials used in the construction of self-leveling floors, tends to ten, and each of these components has individual properties and adhesive characteristics in relation to others. At the same time, there is a risk that, under different operating loads, the same component may exhibit different reactions to the effects. Only a team of professionals is able to predict the possible options and take into account such subtle nuances in the design. The SNEP-Stroy company by right is proud of the high quality experts who not the first decade work on the most difficult projects, "pouring" polymeric floors in Moscow and the Moscow region exceeding expectations of clients.

Even at the stage of creating the project before the builders was always acute is not an idle question, what will be the floor covering, taking into account the projected loads. Now more and more often the range of possible options is narrowed to the choice of not the type of coating (this is all clear-reliable, practical polymer floors), and its type: polyurethane, epoxy, methylmethacrylate, thin layer (thickness up to 1 mm), self-leveling (thickness up to 4-5 mm) or high-filled floors (thickness 4-8mm). If these terms do not tell you anything, but you clearly understand what the result should be, then there is no need to penetrate into the essence of professional terminology and understand all the subtleties of such a high-tech process as the device of polymer floors. And even if you do not have a clear list of requirements for the future of flooring, consultants of the company "SNEP-Stroy" will be happy to help you in the design of technical specifications for designers.

Typically, polymer flooring technology includes the following steps:

base preparation, concrete grinding;
elimination of chipping and cracking, de-dusting concrete surfaces;
impregnation of concrete, priming for better adhesion to the polymer coating;
applying the base coat;
application of the finish layer;
cutting the joints.

After all the work, the floor covering can be put into operation in 5-10 days.

Industrial polymer coatings in Moscow and the Moscow region over the past 15 years have become so widespread — in shopping centers, Parking lots, gyms, medical institutions that have become a standard and a natural necessity in the premises, with special requirements for durability, moisture resistance, elasticity, dustlessness and even sterility of the coating. For such cases, the best fit polyurethane and epoxy floors. Note that with minimal effort spent on maintaining the cleanliness of the floors, the service life can reach 15 years.

Floors for damp sterile rooms, for the food industry, coverings of sports grounds, floors for garage, Parking, a warehouse, floors for meat shops — to list areas where the device of bulk and industrial coverings is extremely actual and demanded for 100%, it is possible long. But if earlier polymer floors were used only for the needs of industrial scale and commercial scale, today self-leveling floor is not uncommon in the apartments of Muscovites. Not uncommon, but a sign of good taste and awareness of modern interior solutions.

Any texture (glossy and matte surface), any design (sports ground layout and 3D floors), the necessary set of additional properties (anti — slip, anti-static surface) - such advanced options are not given to boast of any other, now known, floor covering. Thanks to the combination of these amazing qualities in one modern technology, at the moment the polymer floors in Moscow and the Moscow region firmly occupy the first place among competitors and are not going to give up their positions.

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