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Floor coverings, 3D floors in the apartment

Initially, self-leveling floors were created and implemented for use in industrial premises with specific conditions. For example, where the floor will inevitably be subject to high mechanical loads, as well as chemical effects; where dominated by "wet" processes, it is advisable to lay epoxy floors. If you expect a considerable level of vibration on the floor, the best option would be a polyurethane floor. Loads falling on the floor in the apartment, of course, silly to compare with those that experience industrial floors in production and storage facilities. Therefore, if we talk about 3d floors in the apartment, and for the kitchen, and for the bathroom, and for the corridor, and for the rest of the rooms suitable polyurethane floor, consisting of a single component material. Unlike epoxy polymer, it is quite easy to fit and dries quickly. And the only drawback polyurethane self-leveling floor-a sharp smell-you can forget after 2 hours after the floor device.

The company "Snap-story" a famous and respectable organization. Guaranteed high quality, creativity, availability and breadth of the dealer network allow us to consider the company "SNEP-Stroy" a leader in this production niche.

In modern realities, great importance is attached to the surrounding objects and things of man. Interior design of offices and houses has become the focus of attention of many people, because it is considered to be the "calling card" of its owner. In an effort to allocate their space to make it aesthetically beautiful and memorable, many go to the most extreme measures and resort to the most innovative solutions. But not always in such interiors, you can safely stay, feeling comfortable. The company "SNEP-Stroy" has found a unique solution to this problem. Decorative floors, which the company offers, will not only become a quality floor covering, but will also make the interior design extravagant, creative, modern and unforgettable. The activity of the company's employees surprises and fascinates even the most "experienced" person. Moreover, the SNEP-Stroy company in the work uses innovative developments which will help to saturate your repair and finishing with durability and wear resistance.

about prerequisites and more ...

So, you set out to make repairs? Undoubtedly, you need something individual, high-quality and primarily beautiful. Interior design should emphasize your individual style, but, nevertheless, should be cozy. Not an easy task. Messy you start to look for something, "his", but are only visible cons. We suggest you not to waste your time, and read this article to the end, which will help you easily find the best solution for your repair. Interior design, as you know, begins with the choice of finishes. In General, we can say that the words repair and decoration-a concept inseparable! But often pay great attention to the design of the walls and ceiling, but the floor is always forgotten. We want to tell you that based on our many years of experience, we have made a basic conclusion – floor coverings can be considered the center of any interior. It is the General view of the floor that determines the specificity and style of the whole space. Don't believe? And try to remember where your view is directed when you go into a certain room, office, apartment, house?! Repair and finishing of the floor-that's where you need to start to form any interior design.

Important step ...

The SNEP-Stroy company declares that the most unique and qualitative floor coverings to you will be made by our qualified employees. We offer a flexible system of services, guaranteed quality, efficiency in solutions and uniqueness for each client, and our work is available for you! Turning to us, the repair and decoration of your floor will become your property, which you can be proud of without fear that "it already was" or "like everyone else". Are intrigued and you want to learn everything and see with your own eyes? Everything in order.

3D Floors (3D floors in the apartment)

In the modern world 3d technologies have become a part of our life, at the same time they are considered to be newfangled and innovative projects. Now 3d is also a floor covering. 3D flooring is a real breakthrough in the field of design! Amazing beauty combined with an extraordinary illusion give rise to a real effect of liveliness and spirituality, which are the floors 3d. The essence of the technology of this process is reduced to the fact that the floor turns into a painting, a work of art, and due to the illusion of volume when viewed from a certain angle, and the effect of 3D is manifested. 3D floors are not just a fashionable feature or a trend of a season, it is the latest development which does a floor volume and gives to all design perception beyond reality. Decorative floors of this level in technological execution require a lot of experience and knowledge from the Executive company. The complexity of the process in the company "SNEP-Stroy" know firsthand, because this activity – daily and hard work of employees. 3D self-leveling floors are distinguished by creativity and aesthetic beauty. It is unlikely that you could resist and remain indifferent at the sight of finishing the floor, which is akin to a real work of art. Self-leveling floors, among other things, have a number of advantages that distinguish them. First, they are without seams, which means that the cleanliness and order of the room will become the dominant credo. The ease of cleaning and safety of the room provide a favorable atmosphere. Self-leveling floors are durable and fireproof. Resistance to external influences and mechanical damage provide self-leveling floors durability and pleasant appearance for a long time. 3D floors in the apartment are very relevant. In an environment where individuality has become the norm polymer floors are indispensable. Initially, decorative floors began to be used in the interior to decorate public places and mainly for people very rich. Expensive salons and restaurants, halls and halls began to be allocated with charm of brilliantly executed floor coverings. Today, polymer floors are available to everyone. Universal in application and creative in appearance, they won the hearts of people, becoming the Central point of any interior. That is why 3D floors in the apartment is not a luxury and not an excess, but a modern "highlight" in the space of the house.

Industrial floors (industrial self-leveling floors)

Industrial floors have a number of advantages. First of all, it should be said that they come in different types, depending on the raw material. The most common is concrete. Industrial concrete floors are characterized by wear resistance, which is very important in the application. The floor is in a zone of constant influence. Both external environment and mechanical impact, so it is very important how the floor will be durable and resistant. Professionals of our company will help you to choose that kind of a floor which for you will become the most optimum option within "the price-quality". Finishing the industrial floor can also be different. The most actual and widespread now is a kind of "industrial self-leveling floors". Environmentally friendly and unpretentious in use. Made of polymer materials, they create a very smooth surface.

Decorative floors (decorative self-leveling floors) can be made according to your individual sketches. Any your imagination will be realized with the help of our masters. We also have a catalog in which you can find a bright solution for individual interior design. Now you do not need to think long about the accents in your interior, pick up the little things and items that will highlight it. The uniqueness of the apartment will emphasize the decorative floors. So simple and at the same time beautiful. Repair and decoration can change the space of your home as a whole. The only thing we kindly ask you to entrust this work to real professionals. Because any idea will not have the proper form, if done poorly.

The company "Snap-story" sells and uses high-quality materials for floors 3d. Quality that will survive the passage of time – that's the key to our success. We work according to the transparent scheme and we do not hide producers of materials for floors. We have all the necessary documents and licenses. Technical equipment of our masters will allow you to perform the work quickly and very efficiently. You will not regret if you entrust the design of your sex to our team!

Guaranteed quality of the materials used and excellent performance will allow you to enjoy the result to the fullest. First, all materials are of environmentally friendly quality. Further it is worth noting about their strength and durability. You can for many years not even think about the imminent repair of the floor surface. The beauty and illusion of its appearance make it possible to designate a special emphasis in your life. Not one of your guests will not remain indifferent to your home, you will feel a special comfort in it. Also our floors are hygienic and easy to clean. Due to the technology of flooring space under the floor will not play the role of "dust collector", there will not be able to get harmful bacteria and pests. The very surface of the floor is easy to clean, but at the same time is chemically stable. Even in case of contact with the surface of chemicals, the surface will not deteriorate and its appearance will not change! What could be better?!

It is in our interest to enable everyone to install a good, beautiful and high-quality floor at home. In this regard, we are not monopolists and provide such a service as training in the manufacture of 3D floors. If you are interested in everything new, or you want to keep up with the times and develop, we offer you a unique opportunity to learn the art of making floors in 3d. With a huge share of responsibility we relate to this process, and you can be sure that the knowledge you will be able to use in full and in the best form. The practical course and visual training to all technological process, plus with possibility of delivery of materials for floors will help you to become the demanded and irreplaceable expert in any market!

Thus, the SNEP-Stroy company provides a wide range of opportunities and services for repair and finishing, saturation of interior design with innovative technologies and the latest designs, by means of a decorative floor covering on type 3d, and also other forms of registration of a floor of the room. The company also provides everyone with the opportunity to get enough knowledge and skills in the direction presented.

Do you still perceive 3d as a virtual and intangible world? The company "Snap-story" knows how to turn it into reality in your home! Touch the fantasy with "Snap-story"!
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