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The markings

Marking - an important stage of work on the device of industrial and self-leveling floors, carrying a specific functional load. Such a complex and responsible task as marking in Moscow and the Moscow region has to be solved often, since the competent organization of space in a metropolis is of particular importance, not to mention the fact that there are objects whose meaning is lost without the application of floor marking. Agree hard to play volleyball, basketball and a lot of other sports exciting games in the absence of clear boundaries of the site and other marking lines. Indoor gyms and the opening of the site open the list of objects for which the floor marking is the most important tool in ensuring the effective functioning in accordance with the operational objectives.

Marking on the surface of industrial and self-leveling polymer floors serves as a tool for visual differentiation of space, designation of zones for various purposes and organization of orderly movement on the territory, which is especially important for large objects.

Specialists of our company render services in drawing a marking in Moscow and area in the territory of such objects as:

production hall,
trading hall,
Parking lots, garages,
sports ground,

depending on the type of facility and the expected operating conditions, the technology for floor marking may vary. But the process of working on the markup project and its implementation always includes the following steps:

accurate measurement of site parameters;
analysis of customer requirements to the functionality of the site;
design of the marking system in the computer program allowing to create the exact scheme of the future marking, and coordination with the customer;
preparatory work for the preparation of flooring, dismantling of existing markings;
direct marking using high-quality paints and varnishes or a special tape for signal marking.

marking in the Parking area

Due to the large congestion of vehicles in Moscow and Moscow region marking on the territory of Parking — a necessary measure that serves the effective use of space and ensure the safety of vehicles entering and leaving the Parking lot. When developing a Parking marking system, our specialists always take into account the total area of the territory; the desired number of Parking spaces; the distance required to open the car doors, etc. Materials for marking are selected depending on the temperature and the expected intensity of mechanical loads and the impact of chemical compositions: thermoplastic, cold plastic, polyurethane, various types of enamel, acrylic paint.

marking on sports and children's playgrounds

Marking sports grounds and halls — an essential attribute of the floor, if it is supposed to conduct competitions, games and sports activities that require marking lines. If the hall or Playground is prepared for the competition, our team performs work on the application of markings on sports surfaces in strict accordance with international standards. In turn, the Playground-perhaps one of the few objects where designers can give vent to imagination, not following the rules and not solving purely practical problems. Thanks to the use of paints made of acrylic and polyurethane, any color images can be applied to the coating of the Playground.

marking in production and storage areas

Marking the territory of warehouses is an interesting professional task, the solution of which requires a certain level of qualification, since the object can have its own characteristics. The presence of markings in the logistics center is a necessary condition for efficient operation, orderly movement of vehicles and, as a result, an increase in the capacity of the loading and unloading zone. In the conditions of fierce competition in Moscow and the Moscow region marking on the territory of the warehouse becomes a competitive advantage that allows you to quickly and efficiently perform the necessary manipulations with the cargo.

the application of floor marking in the warehouse and in the industrial complex has several objectives:

clear division of the territory into functional and technological zones;
designation of the areas of travel, Parking warehouse equipment, and walkways;
systematization of production, loading and unloading processes;
optimization of the storage system.

However, standard solutions for marking are not always able to meet the requirements of the customer, when it comes to a large warehouse, industrial or commercial complex. In such cases, the designers of the company "SNEP-Stroy" develop a project of intellectual marking, allowing even inexperienced staff to easily navigate in a large area.
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