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Self-leveling sports coating

Sports coatings are polymer coatings that have certain performance characteristics necessary for comfortable and/or productive activities of a particular sport. For example, all the coverings for sports grounds and halls should have a cushioning layer to prevent injuries from jumping and running, falls, etc. Such a layer is arranged with the use of rubber mats or rubber crumb. Withstanding any load, universal sports coverage in Moscow and the Moscow region — perhaps the most popular option, because in the gym alternately engaged in dozens of types of physical activity, and in the yard areas are often poured rink.

Sports flooring for outdoor areas and halls can be multifunctional systems, but, due to the expected operating conditions, their device is different.

Modular sports surfaces are designed mainly for outdoor use: treadmills, playgrounds, tennis courts. The installation of a modular sports coating remotely resembles a puzzle Assembly: plastic or rubber plates resistant to ultraviolet radiation are laid on a prepared lined concrete base. The main drawback - the presence of joints, of course, overshadow such advantages of the coating as all-weather and the possibility of filling the rink in the cold season.

Roll sports coatings, 3-10 mm thick, in the device are more complex and no less demanding to the qualification of workers. Recommended for use in indoor gyms. In the context of such a coating is a few layers: substrate, cushioning layer, the finish layer, the color and texture of which is determined taking into account the requirements of the customer to the appearance and surface properties. Although the seams of the layers are welded together, the formation of joints cannot be avoided in large areas. Among the advantages of the coating experts note: injury, wear resistance and decorative.

The finished screed is left for 12 hours to harden. In the subsequent within 2-3 days sprinkle it with water (the surface of our floor all this time should remain wet ). A day on the floor you can go.

Self-leveling sports coatings are not easy installation and low cost, in comparison with other types of sports floors. However, it is due to the device of self-leveling sports floors that the task of universality of the hall and long service life is solved. High performance is ensured by the use of a polyurethane polymer with elasticity and excellent toughness.

Multi-functional self-leveling coating is placed in several layers: a shock-absorbing layer of granular rubber, several layers of polyurethane compound and the finish layer of a special film that prevents scratches and dirt. With daily use, such a floor will need wet cleaning, if necessary, with the use of detergents and solvents. Cleaning can be done with the help of special washing equipment or by hand.

Heat-resistant, dust-free, waterproof, made of environmentally friendly materials, polyurethane self-leveling floor has proven itself in sports facilities. However, high levels of hygiene can safely recommend this coating for installation in residential, public, children's and medical institutions. Self-leveling sports surfaces in Moscow and Moscow region have long been replaced by painted wooden floors, which ten years ago lay in the gyms of schools. The undeniable advantage of sports self-leveling coatings is easy to clean and remove moisture, which is not just have to do during the game to reduce the risk of injury to athletes.

Gyms, gyms and games rooms, roller parks, playgrounds, fitness clubs, treadmills-the field of application of sports self — leveling floors is constantly expanding, thanks to a rich set of operational advantages of the coating. In addition to the already mentioned advantages, it is also necessary to highlight the seamless, chemical resistance, maintainability, resistance to mechanical damage, unsoundness, fire safety, anti-slip properties, a wide range of operating temperature, the possibility of filling the rink and applying markings for one or more sports. It is impossible not to mention the decorative and high aesthetic qualities of the sports polymer floor, allowing to solve any practical and design problems: color design, not due to the technology of laying, as a rule, meets international specifications.

In this article we have considered the modern types of sports surfaces, which can be found in open areas and in closed halls, their performance, advantages and disadvantages, applications. Specialists of the SNEP-Stroy company offer services in the device of sports coverings in Moscow and area of any kind.

If You have any questions about the terms, technology and the cost of laying the floors for sports halls or outdoor areas, the consultants of the company, "Snap-Story" will gladly answer them and help you choose the sports coverage that meets the requirements in all respects.
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