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Self-leveling floors

Self-leveling floors in Moscow and the Moscow region – a real hit of recent years, the finish number 1, according to experts in the construction industry. Its glory self-leveling polymer floors, of course, owe unsurpassed performance and very interesting decorative properties.

Here we give only a short list of the main advantages of such a high-tech coating as self-leveling floor, in front of his colleagues:

absolutely flat floor without seams and terrain features;
resistance to mechanical and chemical loads, as well as to climatic changes;
non-slip, anti-slip, anti-static floors;
functional protection and dust control of concrete;
safety and environmental friendliness;
ready-made colors and space for the imagination of the designers of the room.

Needless to say, self-leveling floors have a wide range of applications, and not only in Moscow and the Moscow region: 3D self-leveling floors for apartments and offices, sports grounds, epoxy self-leveling floors for medical institutions, floors for industrial buildings, floors for Parking. Whether it is a bathroom or a huge area for a warehouse — the device of self-leveling floors such that allows each time to create a coating that meets the requirements of the customer and the features of the room.

However, in a professional environment, not only industrial and decorative self-leveling floors are distinguished. By the type of polymer used, professionals subdivide self-leveling floors into:

epoxy self-leveling floors-ideal for residential and office rooms with a unique interior. The desired image is covered with a transparent top layer of polymer, which allows you to create masterpieces of applied art;
polyurethane self-leveling floors-the best, because of its durability and moisture resistance, the solution for the shopping center, warehouse, garage and other commercial and industrial premises;
methylmethacrylate floors-due to the high strength and absolute hygiene, are perfect for medical institutions, freezers, meat shops and other premises with high requirements for sterility.

How much is the self-leveling floor in Moscow and Moscow region? In the production of repair or construction work, the price issue is always very acute. The SNEP-Stroy company is glad to offer you an ideal ratio of the price and quality at strict adherence to terms and use of high-quality materials.

The cost of polymer floors is always calculated from three main factors:

the relief of the concrete base (alignment and grout of concrete will be much cheaper than laying concrete);
requirements for decorative (the cost will be much reduced if the decorative secondary and use economical coatings and impregnation);
the thickness of the floor and filler (the most budget option — quartz sand).

With unique experience and technology in the construction industry, we offer affordable prices and quality performance of services for pouring self-leveling floors.

How to choose self-leveling floor? Of course, this now popular question should be asked only to specialists with considerable experience in the device of polymer floors in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as outside the capital region. If for purchase of a parquet Board, a laminate, linoleum or carpet, it is enough to come into building shop, the choice of polymeric floors demands some special knowledge, exactly as well as technology of the device of a self-leveling floor.

In order for the consultants of the company "SNEP-Stroy" could determine the type of self-leveling floor, as well as to Orient You on the cost of materials and works, be ready to answer a few questions:

type of premises (apartment, office, warehouse, shopping Mall, Parking, car service, food production, workshop, Playground, etc.));
the stage of preparation of the concrete base for laying polymer floors (whether the device of concrete screeds or polymer-cement floors);
application thickness of the leveling layer (varies from 1 to 100 mm);
the desired completion date (in this paragraph, the customer's wishes are taken into account if technically possible. First of all, it depends on the degree of readiness of the concrete base to the application of the finish layer and the solidification time of the polymer coating);
priority performance requirements (abrasion resistance, anti-static properties, moisture resistance, dust-free, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, chemical resistance, etc.))
wishes to appearance (solid color, decoration of polymer coatings "chips", marking, polymer fill decorative image, glossy floor).

Perhaps this is the most important points on which You should hold your attention if you have already made a choice in favor of the most modern flooring. When the decision is made and the project is approved, you will have to be patient for a period of 4 to 35 days (depending on the condition of the concrete base) before you can evaluate the completed work of our masters. The reward for the expectation will be a beautiful wear-resistant coating-self-leveling floor, which in compliance with the rules of operation will last for decades.
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