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Self-leveling polymer floors

Self-leveling floors, polymer floors, epoxy floors, polyurethane floors-you can write about this miracle of engineering for a long time, stopping at such subtle moments as grinding and dusting of concrete or industrial floors. But it is better to see once! Photos on the website of the company "Step-Stroy", which specializes in self-leveling polymer floors and industrial coatings, eloquently describe the process of laying self-leveling floors. If the floors for Parking, floors for the shopping center, floors for freezers or sports floors do not inspire You, then pay attention to the self-leveling floors for the apartment, which in some cases, and rightly, called 3D floors. This option is designed specifically for those who, figuratively speaking, wants every morning to splash with dolphins or enter the bathroom as a blooming garden. That's what imagination is enough-self-leveling floor 3D is able to create real miracles under your feet.

If the terms such as polyurethane coatings, anti-static self-leveling floors, grout under the Shine, you are unfamiliar and look a little scary, we are committed to dispel fears and guarantee that after reading this article, decorative floor will be your dream.

Since its appearance on Earth, watching the water surface in calm weather-perfectly flat surface, a person wanted to bring this symbol of peace and harmony in your home. Since then, as people began to build homes, water has flowed a lot, and the question of how to achieve immaculately smooth flooring, resolved recently. Self-leveling polymer floors for residential and industrial premises-the last word in the world of construction technologies, when it comes to finishing works. So, in technical terms, self-leveling floor-a monolithic floor covering, resembling a smooth ceramic tile, laying which has no place seams and gaps.

This method can be performed as flooring for clean room applications, coatings for playgrounds, flooring for freezing chambers, the floors of the hangars, and floors for living quarters. And if in the first case — self-leveling floors for industrial buildings-this coating will be of great practical importance, in the second — self — leveling floors pictures-can serve as a unique, fashionable and integral element of the interior of an apartment or office. But in both cases, whether industrial floors or decorative floors, strength, reliability, increased resistance to abrasion — the advantages of the polymer coating, which it does not take away. In addition, dust removal of concrete, concrete hardening and its protection from destruction — it is also the merit of polyurethane and epoxy floors, before laying on concrete crumble topping.

We will try to describe the device of polymer coatings in stages. With a small area and minimal design requirements, the simplest self-leveling floor can be made in 12 hours, but the laying of industrial self-leveling floors requires masters to possess serious skills in this area and does not tolerate Amateurs, because without strict control of the humidity of the base on which the floor is "poured", the focus will not work. It also will not work if poor quality to carry out preliminary work with the concrete base.

Competent training always includes

concrete laying / concrete repair,
the alignment of the concrete,
concrete grout,
grinding of concrete,
dedusting of concrete,
concrete primer,
coating of concrete topping.

When the preparatory work stage is completed, the main layer of the polymer floor should be applied. Then backfilling quartz sand (for non-slip coating) or chips (about them later) and, finally, applying another layer of material or varnish. In large areas, you may need to make cutting seams. And the self-leveling polymer floor is ready to serve you faithfully for a decade.

You, of course, interested in where "pour" polymer floors? Modern materials allow to arrange self-leveling floors in any conditions. Industrial buildings, warehouses, offices with high traffic, television studios, garages, kindergartens, schools, kitchens, bathrooms, cottages — there are almost no restrictions, but the special meaning of the construction of self-leveling floor becomes when it comes to areas where the flooring requires high resistance to abrasion and chemicals. Choosing a filler floor, you will never see cracks and dents on it, even if you drop something heavy. An important advantage of the polymer coating over traditional (linoleum, parquet, laminate, tile) is its hygiene, resistance to dust and ease of cleaning in the absence of any seams and gaps. Especially emphasize the possibility of fast and high-quality machine cleaning. In addition, anti-static self-leveling floors are absolutely fireproof and completely non-toxic. All types of bulk coatings, both foreign and domestic, are subject to mandatory certification.

In order To make it easier for you to navigate in complex construction terms, here is a classification of self-leveling floors. First, polymer floors are usually distinguished by thickness: thin-layer self-leveling polymer floors (0.2-0.5 mm), self-leveling self-leveling floors (0.8-1.5), high-filled polymer floors with quartz sand (2-4 mm), polymer screeds (more than 6 mm).

Second, the type of composition is isolated:

epoxy self-leveling floor;
polyurethane self-leveling floor;
transparent self-leveling floor;
anti-static self-leveling floor;
acid-alkali resistant.

A person not associated with the construction, it will be difficult to distinguish one type from another, but the specialist will not be difficult to determine the type of polymer coating at a glance. In addition, each material used for the device flooring has its own specifics. For example, floors for Parking will be the definition of methylmethacrylate, and for an apartment or office is best suited polyurethane self-leveling floor. This is due to the fact that polyurethane is not only particularly reliable and durable, but also amazing ease and elasticity, so elegant polyurethane coatings are ideal for creating a small masterpiece. Wild jungle, beach, Dolphin, emerging from the depths of the ocean, flowers-the famous 3D floors for the apartment are made of polyurethane. At the same time, polyurethane industrial floors are not afraid of constant vibration, chemical influences, mechanical loads and temperature changes, which means that they can be successfully used in such activities as repair and installation of industrial floors. The price for industrial floors You can find on the website of the company "SNEP-Stroy", offering the service of laying industrial floors in Moscow and the Moscow region. Due to the fact that self-leveling industrial floors are characterized by a huge number of important characteristics, they are used in many industries: floors for sterile rooms, floors for bakery, floors for the food industry, epoxy self-leveling floors for medical institutions, rubber floors, floors for washing. Distinguished by their unsophisticated nature, liquid epoxy and polyurethane coatings have also found wide application in explosive industries such as oil refining, chemical testing laboratories and much more.

Epoxy floor-that is offered by builders for wet rooms, especially where it is assumed constant exposure to hot water: epoxy floors for the meat processing plant, floors for wet rooms, epoxy self-leveling floors for medical institutions. The impact of solvents, alkalis, acids and other chemically active compounds — all this is not able to somehow damage the hard and hard epoxy self-leveling floors. They are also recommended for use in fire-hazardous areas. Floors based on epoxy resin have high impact resistance and are resistant to external aggressive environment. Epoxy coating can be operated at temperatures from ?30 to +50°C. Used to create a protective and waterproofing layer over the concrete base. Polymer floors are absolutely hermetic and even with wet cleaning water ingress into the floor base is excluded. While wet cleaning adversely affects the service life of other types of flooring. If you are interested in epoxy floors, prices for colored polymer epoxy coating, high-filled epoxy coating can be specified from the operators of the company "SNEP-Stroy", which will help you to calculate the exact cost of materials and works, taking into account individual requirements.

Floors for industrial premises usually do not differ in design ideas, however, aesthetics for them is not the main characteristic. The color scheme is dominated by calm, soft colors. Perhaps because of this there is an opinion that the self-leveling floor in the living room will also look bleak. In fact, a poor choice of colors for polyurethane coating is a myth. But for those who do not have a lot of shades of all colors of the rainbow, came up with the original decor: the fresh coating is applied to the so – called chips-colored particles of pieces of acrylic paint, different sizes and shapes. Interestingly, applied to the floor, chips give the coating depth and similarity with natural materials (marble, granite). As we can see, to give the individual features of the self-leveling floor is very, very simple. Laying polymer coating-it is always creativity that brings interesting results. Depending on the conditions under which the floors will be used, the surfaces give a glossy or matte effect. Is it possible to allow such creativity in laying laminate?

Laying industrial self-leveling floor requires a high level of qualification, the analysis of many indicators of the working area (temperature, humidity, shrinkage, strength, etc.). Accuracy — one of the main qualities of the masters of the company "SNEP-Stroy", performing their work in accordance with the characteristics of the premises, as well as in compliance with all requirements for materials and surfaces. Entrusting the repair of industrial floors professionals, you will be rewarded with a quick excellent result, which for many years will delight you with its immutability. After all, the main undeniable advantage of polymer floors is that they retain their original quality and appearance throughout the service life, which can reach 30 years.

In a short article, of course, it is difficult to present all aspects of such a curious topic as the construction of industrial and self-leveling floors. We set ourselves the task to give a General idea of the service laying industrial self-leveling floors in Moscow and Moscow region, which is LLC "SNEP-Stroy", existing in the construction market since 1998. In order to understand which self-leveling floor is suitable in Your case, it is necessary to take into account the type of room, all the features of the concrete base, the nature of the impact of the environment and, in fact, the purpose of the device polymer floors in a particular room. To answer a difficult question: polyurethane floors or epoxy self-leveling floors, anti-slip polymer-quartz coating or anti-static polymer coating-our specialists with considerable experience in solving such problems will help you. Among the successfully completed works we cover for industrial buildings (garage floors, Parking floors, warehouse floors, floors for hangars, sports floors, floors for meat shops) and self-leveling floors for apartments and offices (decorative floors, floors 3D pictures). Our operator will also help you to choose the color of the self-leveling floor (we offer a variety of colors) and advise on the development of an individual project.
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