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Marina Vape

Marina Vape

20 years ago our time was seen far more developed than it is actually now: remember the moment in ‘Back to the Future’ ’when Marty McFly came to the 2015? Flying boards, dehydrated pizza and clothing which adjusts to your size by itself. These things never turned out to happen (not yet, hopefully), but there’s one thing which probably could get Marty interested - electronic smoking.

Not many people know that several prototypes of electronic cigarette were invented before eCig rolled out. Actually, back in 1965 Herbert A. Gilbert invented a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette, but it was never successfully marketed.

You have probably seen videos where teens create beatifully-shaped smoke? That smoke is created with vaporizers. Tests show that the levels of dangerous chemicals they give off are only a part of what you’d get from a real cigarette, so for many people this is a way to give up or replace smoking.

Why choose this online store? We have a huge variety of items: when we asked our loyal customers why they are with us, they answered ‘because you have most of every brand related to ecigs and vaping’. This is what we aimed to do and we are proud of it. For many people vaping became an essential part of their everyday life which is why we’ve developed a smart customer service which is always there to help you. If you are not familiar with electronic cigarettes yet, we offer you starter kits (they come in a separate section of our website). We also offer you the best E-Juice and other E-Liquids, tanks, rebuildables, accessories and replacement parts.

Here, on the website, you’ll see the tutorials for beginners and for developed users. All news in the vaporizing world are gathered in the blog which is regularly updated.

You may order online or via phone. For a better search, use filters by brand and features. For a better navigation, we first put the list of the most popular brands rated by users. If you are interested in the new brands which haven’t been presented on the website before, please take a look at our section ‘New Arrivals’.

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