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3D polymer floors

Ease of cleaning, resistance to mechanical damage and abrasion, durability — these are natural requirements for modern flooring. Needless to say that 3D polymer floors, in addition to these properties, features a list of unique characteristics. First of all, it is, of course, versatility: whether it is an apartment, office or commercial premises, industrial workshops, medical and educational institutions — self-leveling floors are always perfectly cope with the task assigned to them. Secondly, which is important for long-term operation, 3D polymer floors, unlike many traditional floor coverings, do not produce and attract dust. And finally, thirdly, self-leveling floors with 3D pattern look fantastic in residential and non-residential premises, if in harmony with the General idea of the interior. The reverse situation is also possible when the concept of a small room or a solid space can be born from a picture that comes to life when you look at the 3D self-leveling floor.

No-standard and boring interiors! Down with plain linoleum and standard laminate! It's time to bright colors and unusual drawings of 3D polymer floors! Now under your feet can stretch the boundless blue sea or the view from the highest mountain, and maybe you prefer something surreal and abstract. And do not think that it's all decorative and impractical. Not at all! Modern polymer floors are wear-resistant, practical, do not attract dust and do not absorb dirt and moisture and practically do not require any additional care. 3D floors have already found their application in schools and kindergartens, offices, are actively used in the design of various public spaces. Due to its unique properties, these coatings. Today, this technology is quite available for owners of apartments and country houses.

Thanks to the variety of colors, 3D floors will perfectly fit into any interior – from classic to high-tech style. Due to the unique properties of this coating, daily cleaning is much easier. They have remarkable dirt-repellent properties, resistant to scratches and damage, withstand heavy loads, and for a long time retain the freshness and brightness of colors. Despite the rather high initial cost, 3D polymer floors for several years of service fully justify themselves, which has been repeatedly proved in practice.

Polymer floor will be just a great outlet for dusty rooms or rooms with concrete floors. As already mentioned, this coating has dust-repellent properties and does not absorb dirt. Due to these properties, the cleaning process in such rooms is greatly facilitated, the concentration of dust in the air is reduced, thereby significantly reducing its negative impact on the health of people who are constantly in them. 3D floors are easy to clean, resistant to friction and chemical detergents. And thanks to the special application on the surface, do not slip even when wet.

The development of modern technology does not stop for a minute, and modern 3D polymer floors – a vivid confirmation of this. Their special plus-it's almost unlimited opportunity for creativity, because the basis of the floor you can use any photos, drawings or even objects – it all depends on your burning and imagination.

In the bedroom on the floor can be a chamomile field, in the bathroom-a sandy beach with an oncoming wave, in the kitchen-a waterfall in the jungle, in the living room it can be an imitation of natural stone or even a work of art. The reality of images on 3D floors is simply amazing and allows you to realize almost any, even the most fantastic design. At the same time, thanks to 3D technology, the picture will be visible equally clearly from any point of space and from any angle.

The technology of laying 3D is not so difficult, as a rule, the whole process takes place in five successive stages.

1. Surface preparation.

At this stage, the preparation of the main surface takes place – it is applied to the leveling layer, which after solidification is well polished to almost perfect smoothness. This affects the quality of the laying of the polymer coating.

2. Application of the polymer layer.

At this stage, a thin layer of polymer – no more than 5 mm thick-is applied to the well-prepared surface, after which it is necessary to wait for its complete drying. The process is not fast, it takes an average of 24 to 36 hours. Then apply a primer suitable for your floor on the base.

3. Application to the surface of the material with the selected image.

At this stage, the floor with the help of epoxy resin is attached to the canvas, resistant to polymers and ultraviolet light, with the selected image, or applied a variety of scenery.

4. Application of the top layer.

The laid cloth with drawing close a finishing layer of an epoxy resin, necessarily steady against yellowing, or is filled in with special transparent polymer.

5. Applying nail Polish.

At the last stage of work on the floor is applied a protective varnish or anti-slip agent, which will greatly facilitate the operation of the 3D floor and significantly extend its service life.

The service life of polymer floors, laid in compliance with all the rules and the use of quality materials, at least 8-10 years!
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